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Find 10 differences


When you click on "GO!", you go to the game. You will see two pictures: one is the original (Original)and the second(Altered slightly changed compared to the original ). Only between 10 differences.

You can enlarge each picture to view it, simply clicking on it. To return to her original size, click on it again. When you increase the changed picture (on the right), you can draw on it with the mouse. To highlight the difference, surround it with a circle in the exact same place where you found him. To do this, move the mouse to that location, press left mouse button, and drag to draw a circle. If the difference in this place really is, you will get for your discovery of the star in the upper left corner of the screen and hear the sound (if enabled column). If your circle is too large or you will draw it where there are no differences, it immediately disappears, and a star for it you will not get. When you find all 10 differences, there will be little Dixie to congratulate you!


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