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  1. Balint A. "Dwarf Gnomic and Izumi"
  2. Bekhlerova E. "Rabbit and his friends"
  3. Bisset D. "About cub Binky, who lost strip"
  4. Bisset D. "the Tale of the elephant, about the fire and about the white duck"
  5. Blyton E. Famous duckling Tim
  6. Bosev A. "Jordan and sofa"
  7. The Westly A.-K., "Grandma is fighting with robbers"
  8. Koskimies P., Lindgren, M., "How are you, Sicista-Pucisca?"
  9. Lindgren Astrid. "I know how to ride a bike"
  10. Matsutani M "As the mouse gold coins aired"
  11. Moore L. "Little Raccoon and The one Who sits in the pond"
  12. Potter, N. WHTI the equipment
  13. Preisen A. "happy New year"
  14. Preisen A. About a kid who knew how to count to ten
  15. Raud, E. "Clutch, Palpatine and Mokhovaya Beard"
  16. Rachel R. "Renatinho and his friends"
  17. RIT C. "Where's Willie?"
  18. Roberts P.m., "The Only"
  19. Roberts P.m. "Adventure Mac-Leggera"
  20. The Gianni Rodari. "Fried corn"
  21. The Gianni Rodari. "The robot who wanted to go to bed"
  22. The Gianni Rodari. "Tales on the phone"
  23. The Gianni Rodari. "The smell of crafts"
  24. Seton-Thompson, E., "Life of gray bear"
  25. Sigsgaard Th. "Palle alone in the world"
  26. Tuwim Y. "pan Malutki and the whale"
  27. Tukai, Tales
  28. Hogarth E. "About the donkey of Mafine"
  29. "Youth and Mature years, Bambi"

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