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  1. Ali Baba and the forty thieves (Arabian tale)
  2. Anansi and the magic fountain (Cuban folk tale)
  3. Big John Liberator (the tale of the American Negroes)
  4. Magic lamp of Aladin (from Arabic fairy tales "Thousand and one nights")
  5. Magic wand (French fairy tale)
  6. Blue carpet (Tajik legend)
  7. Mountain Lachine (Kabardian tale)
  8. Mountain giggly, fair (Vietnamese folk tale)
  9. Gulcicek (Tatar folk tale)
  10. Nine idlers and prompt (Uzbek tale)
  11. Daedalus and Icarus (Greek myth)
  12. Jack simpleton (Century Viktorov, based on the English folk tales)
  13. Friends are in trouble (Bulgarian folk tale)
  14. What Xerxes carved sea (Greek myth)
  15. The evil stepmother (a Japanese tale)
  16. How Jack went to seek happiness (an English tale)
  17. How was seeking a bride for the mouse (an Ethiopian folktale)
  18. As argued two cats (an Ethiopian folktale).
    Parrot and a turtle (the tale of a tribe of baluba)
  19. Categorised (based on a Ukrainian folk tale)
  20. Cossack Mamaliga (based on a Ukrainian folk tales)
  21. As Rikiki washed feet (French fairy tale)
  22. How Robin hood was employed in the ship-owners (based on the Scottish ballad)
  23. Cowboy TRANS-Pecos bill (American folk tale)
  24. Beater (Nanai folk tale)
  25. Amphora man (a Japanese tale)
  26. Legends and myths of the ancient Greeks
  27. The flying ship (based on a Ukrainian folk tale)
  28. Little tales of clever and stupid
  29. Small Mazan (Kalmyk tale)
  30. Mahmud and his son Ahmad (Uzbek tale)
  31. Modo and Mungo (Indian folk tale)
  32. The hunter harib Saeed (Assyrian tale)
  33. The tailor and the king (Armenian tale)
  34. Why rabbit's nose quivering (Burmese folk tale)
  35. The adventures of Bertoldo (based On Italian folklore)
  36. Bird-happiness (Polish tale)
  37. Blazing fire (Chuvash tale)
  38. See here, what's what (Polish tale)
  39. Robin hood (based on the Scottish ballad)
  40. Fish Guldor (Tajik tale)
  41. Sinbad the sailor (Arabian tale)
  42. Signora sausage (Italian tale)
  43. Glorious hunter of Lauriec (Sami folk tale)
  44. The son of Kalev (on the grounds of the Estonian epic)
  45. There Lin (Scottish tale)
  46. Three oranges (Italian folk tale)
  47. The sun away (Slovak folk tale)
  48. Farmer James gray and giantess Clenched (Scottish tale)
  49. Hassan and Ahmed (based Chechen tales)
  50. Clever Hérault (Serbian tale)
  51. Want to roam - I don't want to roam (Chukchi tale)
  52. Brave Azmun (Amur tale)
  53. Flowers of the king (Korean tale)
  54. Four "why" (based on folk tales Nigeria)
  55. Egg-Rico (Ukrainian folk tale)

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