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  1. Abu Bakar A. "Capricorn"
  2. Alekseev S. "The Boy Akuto"
  3. Astafiev Century "Uncle Kuzma - chicken head"
  4. Score, "tales of the village of Zhur-Zhur"
  5. Belitsky Ya "Find in my grandmother's chest"
  6. Bianchi Century "As a little ant home in a hurry"
  7. Bianchi Century "First hunt"
  8. Vazhdaev Century "Two greedy bear"
  9. Vazhdaev Century "Tale of a seasoned soldier, the king and twelve robbers"
  10. Walewski A. "is this champion?"
  11. The Vangheli C. "Desk Guguce"
  12. Wasilewska, E. "How Mishuk was on the trail"
  13. Wasilewska, E. "the extraordinary Tale of the frog"
  14. A. Vvedensky "the Tale of four kittens and four guys"
  15. The Vitez, Speculum
  16. Volkov A. "the Wicked witch Bastinda"
  17. Volkov A. "Urfin jus and his wooden soldiers"
  18. Volkov A. "Ellie saves the Scarecrow"
  19. Volosova O. "Red city"
  20. Gaidar A. "the tale of the Military Secret, Malchish-Kibalchish and Solid Word"
  21. Gansovsky C. "Niagara"
  22. M. Gorky. "About Ivanushka the fool"
  23. Gribachev N. "As Larisa Fox hired goslings to babysit"
  24. Gribachev N. "Nettle hill"
  25. Gribachev N. "About a Fox Lariska and the hare Koska"
  26. Greenberg I. "Olin apron"
  27. Davydychev L. "a bear ate porridge"
  28. Danko E. "the Theatre is on the roads"
  29. Dragoon Century "20 years under the bed"
  30. Dragoon Century "Deniskin stories"
  31. B. Zakhoder MA-Taree-brown"
  32. B. Zakhoder "Hruk on the tree"
  33. Saratovsky Y. "King Crybaby"
  34. Saratovsky Y. Forest contest"
  35. Saratovsky Y. "Little story about five friends"
  36. Green Rina. "What told Natasha"
  37. Kataev Century History with ears"
  38. Kataev Century "flower-Semitsvetik"
  39. Kachaev Y. "Plover"
  40. Koval Y. "the King and midgets", "Now walks citizen"
  41. Kozlov S. "Pig in the prickly fur coat", "Autumn fishing"
  42. Korikov Century "Guest"
  43. Korikov Century "Singing noodles"
  44. Kravchenko B. "The Nutcracker"
  45. Kurland, A., Hythe A. "Well, wait!" Issue 1
  46. Kurland, A., Hythe A. "Well, wait!" Issue 2
  47. Kurland, A., Hythe A. "Well, wait!" Issue 3
  48. Kurland, A., Hythe A. "Well, wait!" Issue 4
  49. Kurland, A., Hythe A. "Well, wait!" Issue 5
  50. Kurland, A., Hythe A. "Well, wait!" Issue 6
  51. Kurland, A., Hythe A. "Well, wait!" Issue 7
  52. Kurland, A., Hythe A. "Well, wait!" Issue 8
  53. Login L. "The Brother Of Hottabych Omar Yusuf"
  54. The Lakin N. "As proteins cubs outwitted"
  55. Logwin Y. Ali-Navigator"
  56. Lunin Century "the Elephant and the letter"
  57. Makeev C. "I'm going to kindergarten"
  58. Mamin-Sibiryak D. "Yemelya-hunter"
  59. Medvedev Century "Barankin, be a man!"
  60. Mendelssohn N. "Chagras"
  61. Bags K. "Vovka-abstractionist"
  62. Mikhalkov C. "Three little pigs"
  63. A. Moszkowski "Guardhouse"
  64. Nekrasov A. "the adventures of captain Vrungel"
  65. Nepomnyashaya D. "Mother " of the mammoth"
  66. Noses N. "Dunno on the moon"
  67. Olesha Y. "Three fat men"
  68. Pavlova N. "Tales of the toys"
  69. Panteleev L. "the girl and the chieftain Sokolovsky"
  70. Panteleev L. "A Coward"
  71. Panteleev L. "Two frogs"
  72. K. Paustovsky "Dense bear"
  73. Permyakov that is "Reliable person"
  74. Pirtskhalava Century "Bobinac Chuck"
  75. Prokofiev, S. "Car week"
  76. Radulovic Century "Jacob Crow"
  77. Rajewski B. "15 in the morning and 15 in the evening"
  78. Sangi Century "the bear and the Chipmunk"
  79. Saharov C. "Evil site"
  80. Seducin A. "As Santa Claus beard was looking for"
  81. SEF R. "the Amazing destiny"
  82. The tale of Ivashka-Penasco (scenario C. Oskol)
  83. Skibicki, "Chir Ciric"
  84. The centurion Y. "Ricini prisoners"
  85. "A lot" No. 6
  86. Taits Ya "Smoke"
  87. The N. Teleshov. "Crupnick"
  88. Tikhomirov, O. "The Sorcerer"
  89. Tolstoy A. "The Adventures Of Pinocchio"
  90. Tumanyan O. "jugs"
  91. Uvarov A. "the Jolly beggar"
  92. Assumption E. "Uncle Fedor, dog and cat"
  93. Assumption E. "Crocodile Gena and his friends"
  94. Assumption E. "Shapoklyak and each goes to school"
  95. Utevsky P. "the Legend of Dovbush"
  96. Utevsky P. "Mr. Kock
  97. Khazanov Y., "Who broke the Cup?"
  98. P. cvirka "the Wolf away"
  99. Chernyshev Century "Fly"
  100. Chechin O. "Why the owl hidden in the afternoon"
  101. Chukovsky K. "Penta and pirates"
  102. Chukovsky K. "journey to the land of apes"
  103. Schwartz E. "absent-minded magician"
  104. Schwartz E. "the Tale of wasted time"
  105. Shalimov A. "Bear helped"
  106. Sholokhov M "Alyoshka heart"
  107. Yakovlev Yu "Kus, who loved not to bite"
  108. Yakovlev, Y. "a person must be a dog"
  109. Rushnikov A. "Katin Swan"

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