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  1. Mayor J. "NewMake"
  2. Alexandrov z "Funny men"
  3. Barto, A. : "Grandfather and granddaughter"
  4. Barto A. "For flowers in winter forest"
  5. Barto A. "Toy"
  6. Barto A. "Mamie"
  7. Blaginina E. "Forty-Whiteside"
  8. A. Vvedensky, "Who?"
  9. Vieru, "mother's day"
  10. Vladimirov, Y. "Evsey"
  11. Dreze O. "Ball of wool"
  12. B. Zakhoder "kit cat"
  13. B. Zakhoder "Shaggy ABC" (1985), * (1964)
  14. Kaputikyan C. "Mother's helpers"
  15. The Libin M "About how the dwarf left the house and than it was all over then"
  16. Lifshitz Century Elephant and Zoya"
  17. Marshak, S. "cat fur"
  18. Marshak, S. "Poodle"
  19. Marshak, S. "the tale of the silly little mouse"
  20. Marshak, S. "a Tale about a clever little mouse"
  21. Marshak, S. "Pomon"
  22. Mikhalkov C. "Uncle Stepa"
  23. Mikhalkov C. "Puppy"
  24. Moszkowski E. "Andryushkiny toys"
  25. Moszkowski E. "a Polite word
  26. Moszkowski E. "the Yawning Hippo"
  27. Moszkowski E. "Gifts in the Park"
  28. SEF R. "Magic master"
  29. Tokmakova I. "Kasanka, Including Rogue""
  30. "What could be a log". Poems Shcherbakov Yu
  31. Curupa E. "The ring has no end"
  32. Chukovsky K. "Barmaley"
  33. Chukovsky K. "Bibigon"
  34. Chukovsky K. the Stolen sun
  35. Chukovsky K. "Crocodile"
  36. Chukovsky K. "Moidodyr"
  37. Chukovsky K. "Telephone" (1964), * (1984)
  38. Chukovsky K. "pegorino mountain"

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