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  1. Azimov, A. "the Singing bell"
  2. Azimov, A. "Robot AL-76 goes wrong"
  3. "Andromeda" (based On the novel by F. Hoyle and D. Elliott)
  4. Bulychev K. "100 years ahead"
  5. Bulychev K. "the Girl of the XXI century"
  6. Gansovsky C. "to Be human"
  7. Gansovsky C. "Boss of the Bay"
  8. "Down With Caiman Second!" (based on the novel by A. Robles)
  9. The A. Conan Doyle's "Lost world"
  10. Mammoth, Montigena (based on the story S. de Camp)
  11. A. and B. Strugatsky "Ninth planet tayi"
  12. Shalimov A. "Hunters dinosaurs"
  13. Shalimov A. "Ghosts of the white continent"
  14. Shackley P. "Person-minimum"

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