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What is the filmstrips

Know what the Filmstrip?

In those days, when there were no DVD players, and cartoons can be viewed only if they were shown on TV (and it was much less than now), filmstrips were one of the favorite childhood pastimes. The Filmstrip is a film on which are placed sequentially frames of any fairy tale or story.

Looks like the film Filmstrip

Under each frame is typically a text to him (and later appeared slides without text, with audio; these filmstrips were sold along with records or cassette tapes to them). So, consistently moving from picture to picture, the audience watching (and reading) a story.

Film Filmstrip very narrow (width 35 mm) and shots on her poorly visible to the naked eye. Filmstrips looked, of course, not manually, but by using special devices. They are called the projectors.

It looks like a slide projector

The film strip was inserted in a special frame (see pictures at the top of the black construction in the upper part of diaprojektor? It is her). With the wheel on the side of the film can be scrolled forward though, even though ago. In the slide projector has a special bright light and the front lens, which enlarges the image on the film. If you put the projector on a white wall, the image is already large. Its size can be configured for at least one entire wall!

And if the wall color on it to view filmstrips hung a sheet.

In the light of the image on the wall very pale or even not visible. Therefore, the Filmstrip can only look in the dark. And here is a preview of the slides was always a real family ritual. Waited for evening, when it's dark, hung on wall sheet. Shared responsibilities: for example, the child turns the wheel of the projector, and mom expressive reading a fairy tale! And gives the signal to move to the next frame.

As you now probably have a whole collection of favorite movies and cartoons on CD or DVD, and had collected an entire collection of jars with filmstrips:

Collection of filmstrips

In our time, the strips are gone. Although this technology is still used, for example, for training purposes, because the strips are not only entertaining, but also educational. More projectors are used to demonstrate the individual frames on the film (during lectures in Instutute and schools, for example). Such films, in which only one frame, called a slide.

While on our website you can see the old filmstrips online! You don't need to spin the wheel - just move from frame to frame using the menu buttons and read the old tales! It's not only funny, but also useful, much more useful than watching a movie because you're not only looking pictures, but read the text to them! It's like a book, only in this "book" more pictures than usual. So, filmstrips develop reading skills!

A pleasant viewing!

Alphabetical catalogue of slides


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