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It is said that when the North American Indians first saw the riders, they took them for some unknown creatures with four legs and two arms. Very often, when faced with a new situation or problem, we refer to previous experience and formed fast, but erroneous judgment. We accept too many assumptions, ask too few questions and eventually come to wrong conclusions.

Danecki are meant to become humorous antidote to any bad habits lazy or inflexible thinking. These puzzles, if you try to solve them in small companies, can become an exciting game and flexibility training of the brain. Someone might know the solution, and the other family members, friends or colleagues to ask questions, to find this solution. From asking the most successful are those who have a rich imagination and logical abilities, who checks all the assumptions, and then tries to narrow your search, specifying possible General questions, before moving on to specific details.

Typically, the puzzles are not obscure solutions and do not require special knowledge. They are not intended to deliberately mislead the reader confused. The exception Tests WESLY"that contain specific questions to confuse you, use different dishonest tricks.

These puzzles are designed to test your ability to formulate questions, logical abilities and perseverance. If the direct approach leads to a dead end, try to approach the problem from different sides. Not looking for direct answers, otherwise you will lose all the charm of the game. If you have absolutely nothing comes out, ask for help from the tips.

Remember that in life there are no answers in the end of the book!

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