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Danette is a variety of puzzles, riddles, which are a description of the strange, unusual situations. Typically, the mystery-daneka does not contain a clear question. Just playing you need to find out how such a situation could occur. To unravel the causes, or motives that play set the leading of the lookup (leading) questions. The facilitator has the right to give three types of answers "Yes", "no" and "not important" (options: "minor", "unimportant"). Hence the name of the game.

These games are simple in nature. They develop skills of logical thinking. Experienced razvedyvatel of danecook form their own chain issues - algorithms. This is why danette often used in textbooks Informatics.

Similar to denetim game "Warm-cold", "Yes and no don't say, black and white, do not take". In a sense, the last game is the reverse sense denetim, as it is impossible to answer clarifying questions "Yes", "no", "white" : "black".

Who are the inventor of this kind of puzzles to figure out, probably impossible. However, there is the author of books on unusual, extraordinary thinking, which has created a series of riddles on the principle of danecook. This author - Paul Sloane (Paul Sloan). He called them "lateral puzzle". In this section, we will introduce you to denetimi from the book by P. Sloan ' Original puzzles in unconventional thinking (Lateral thinking puzzlers), and denetimi collected on the Internet.

Interested questions unconventional thinking I advise you to read another book P. Sloan - "the Art of thinking outstanding".

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