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In a rapidly changing world and birds enterprising. In November 1971, the black crows arrived in Smolensk! The Siberian women here liked it, and since then in the old Russian city of winters is quite a big squad. From the city, they disappear in early April. But gray Leningrad Raven in Smolensk and roll will not entice most likely they winter fun in Montmartre, look in the window of the Louvre, on duty near the French cabaret. Moscow crows, too, not all homebody - the winter many depart for trips abroad, in Denmark. Some Moscow ravens stay for the winter at home. But in garlanda thousandths flocks, flying in the morning on the outskirts of the city, indigenous Muscovites less than newcomers from the North.

Crows anxiously jumped at dumps, balconies and window sills - are there any gain? Somehow hungry crow pulled opened the package with cream. Cream in it, apparently, was quite the thief barely stood in the air, flapping his wings as hard on the pavement. Coming out from behind the corner of the car forced the bird to make a sharp turn. The package slipped from his beak, and a crow, sitting nearby, looked sad on the white spot, frozen on the pavement. Every feather was expressed chagrin. And another, absolutely incredible winter history: ravens warmed dinner - frozen potato peels, sliced bread and other eatables - to-tube boiler.

Remember Pushkin:

Winter!.. The farmer triumphantly
On the sleigh updates the path
His horse, snow man pacwa,
Shuffling trot somehow...

The horse has a stall and manger.

As the crow most of the year, most of my life being homeless. The famous ornithologist Oscar Heinroth warned: when you read that in bad weather the birds are hiding in the nest, you know, this is a gross error, after they have fledglings, they have no home.

The house is gone, and affection there. Despite the fact that the main kitchens Raven - municipal landfills together with the growth of Moscow moved to tens of kilometers, birds still fly to spend the night in the centre, for example in the area of Nagina or Vorontsovo field. Here they shivered in the cold even during the reign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. With the building of the Historical Museum and the Alexander garden, adjacent to the Kremlin, recently crows disappeared. From the point of view of crows and jackdaws, some high-rise buildings on the outskirts now also suitable for an overnight stay, but still they are sincerely attached to the old parks and cemeteries, homes with so-called architectural excesses.

In recent years, several birds wintered in a quiet location near the hut of a Forester on the river Chun (Kola Peninsula). About a thousand of quacking persons overwinter near Murmansk near the animal-breeding sovkhoz. But the British crows entirely conservative: banding showed that they are not moved further 115 kilometers. And there is no need - this winters day the fire will not find.

For winter insulating properties crow feathers improved, but not to freeze, the bird has to increase the level of metabolism is simply to eat more. This was confirmed by experiments: the bird that weighs 540 grams (crows weigh from 460 to 690 grams), in the summer of standard metabolism was 68.5 kcal., and in the winter - 79 kcal. in day.

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