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Startle Raven is not very going to take, but caution them not refuse: the alarm pack melts away like smoke. Once the Kyrgyz ornithologist E. Shukurov was going to record on tape the scream caught crows. It wasn't to be. The prisoner silently endured clicks, NIPs, the thunder throw things on the floor. It seemed that no amount of torture will not force her to open her mouth. But the victory was finally won - crow accidentally brought to the mirror, and she yelled their heads off. Probably, the prisoner took his picture for a friend, which was to warn of impending trouble. Then Shukurov wandered around with a tape recorder for the city of Frunze, dispersing thousandths of a flock. Soon birds, barely catching sight of a tall man in a gray cloak, began to raise the stakes. The rest of the people did not act on crow's nerves.

In the laboratory of ornithology MSU crow sang the wedding song, aggressive cawed and screaming about the danger, when in strictly certain points in her brain sending electrical impulses. The tape showed that all the calls fall within the range from 0.5 to 4.0 kHz.

Thanks to a well-supplied alarm crow flock nothing you may miss. And that's what is remarkable: in different countries, these birds have their dialects, they do not immediately understand each other.

Talk the talk, but missed the crow still can. For example, it inflates crested cuckoo, living in Western Europe. Cuckoo egg (12 grams) smaller crow (17 grams), but the genius crow for such a small thing not pay attention. Forget it and that can count: often crested cuckoo manages to throw in her nest two eggs. And the owners do not notice it. What's the matter?

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