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Crow, frankly,is not eared dupe. On the contrary, it is a virtuoso on the part of the theft. For example, complained of his hand bird zoologist Y. Roma. His pupil, who lived on the loose, stealing everything they could carry. At the table she was highly inappropriate - devastated spoon the host and the guest, before she was able to convey to the mouth. Was worth just to gape as he was lost itself spoon. Helps neither the abuse nor the cuffs.

All this would be funny if it were not so sad: crow is not only a petty thief, but a gangster, specializing in the theft of the bird's children. Method robbery varies depending on circumstances. In Astrakhan nature reserve crows, like manna from heaven, waiting for the boat Ranger, who unwittingly flushes with nests of cormorants and herons. During the forced absence of birds-parents and they Rob the nest. Or another way: one crow teases bakunyu, and the other is stalking the moment when the latter, indignant, lifts butt and drags egg right from under her. Bird posebej and does not stand on ceremony. Coots, for example, began to lie in the slot on the back to the legs to fend off banditos. Once two brazen crows, seizing beak duck for the wings, dragged it to the side, so selfless mother did not prevent them to reach the eggs.

Sitting on prisadny wand (and who only just made it up?) or little overhanging the roof of the birdhouse, a crow waiting for the chick will look out the window. Grabbing him by the beak, she drags silly one after the other. But this is not the top of robbery: some crows uncork birdhouses, like a bottle of beer. At the Zvenigorod biological station of Moscow state University islandica, acting beak, as the lever, in one morning threw the covers from eight birdhouses. Putting his beak between the lid and the side wall, it expanded the gap until the cover did not respond.

Sometimes raids and rabbits, somehow caught in the afternoon on the lawn. A flock of crows is skillfully covers the slanted path of retreat. Sometimes the crows take on a nefarious manner Skua - terrorize small gulls who catches the fish, until then, until they vyplyunut silver body. (Don't groan - gulls worse crow: they ruin not only of others but also their Chicks - rasklepyvajut own eggs if they vegetate from the slot. Crows as their offspring not hurt. Gulls "raise your hand" and man: in 1973 in Denmark one so fell a passer-by in the eye, that he died on the spot. Here is the symbol of purity...)

The ravens are not a symbol, but the real nurses. What they do not eat - clean-train canvas from what falls from the bins and carriage toilets, swallow mice, lizards and frogs, seeds are eaten and field bindweed... in the Autumn of 1974 near Moscow metro station "University" crow, like a true predator, caught a pigeon. After a meal on the roof were only horns Yes feet: a pigeon's legs, beak and feathers. Fact amazing. But more surprising crows extract of larvae of may beetle. During the month birds, not sparing the stomach, saved the land of the Barguzin reserve from pests. They dug the earth at random, and stabbed the bill exactly where at a depth of 5-10 cm larvae of the may beetle gnawed at the roots of the plants. According to the estimates of reserve staff, crows ate 173 000 malicious larvae weighing 138 pounds.

How birds learned that under the earth "scratching" food?

But the ravens get into someone's bellies. (There were times when they did not disdain and people in ancient books about vorallem the meat is very positive reviews.) Especially plagued the ravens owl - he kills them at night during sleep. One good turn deserves another: if the day a flock of crows will find refuge enemy, they will not rest until you kill him. Special shout will gather to help the whole neighborhood. How not to remember the motto of the heroes of Dumas: one for all and all for one!

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