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Crossword names


  1. The Prince's name, beloved Odette,
    From "Swan Lake".
  2. From a bottle of our hero,
    The old man with the magic beard.
  3. He is a funny man,
    Growing up in Italy,
    Where ripen oranges
    And lemons, and olives,
    Figs and so on.
  4. The girl is cute
    Comfort the elderly was
    Yes melted
    In the hot flames of fire.
  5. Very simple question -
    Girls Ellie beloved dog.
  6. This girl is so small,
    He could hide in the Cup of a flower.
  7. Goose - traveler and good friend,
    Took the boy Nils with them.
Vertical: the name of the girl extraordinary,
Obrosova the crystal slipper.


1. Sigfrid. 2. Hottabych. 3. Cipollino.
4. The snow maiden. 5. The Toto. 6. Thumbelina. 7. Martin.

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Author: A. Sedakova
("Crossword puzzles - preschool children to the wisdom of the child, Tula, 1998)


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