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Crossword trees


  1. He lives in oak, box,
    Loves the sun, the sky, the will,
    Chunky, green Chub,
    Solid, beautiful, powerful ...
  2. The forest sister green eyelashes,
    Dress barbed, tart, fragrant.
  3. In the whitewashed dress
    And with slash - beauty green.
  4. Your outfit ladies of the court
    Will reset before the cold weather
    And I will lay under him.
    Once again dress up in the spring.
  5. Whispering leaves,
    Leaning over the water,
    Sad beautiful weeping ...
  6. Carved patterned sheet
    Noise under my window:
    "Today is the day so clear", -
    It was called ...
  7. The leaves were falling to the ground, circling,
    Red brush ... lit.


1. The oak. 2. The spruce. 3. The birch. 4. The larch. 5. Salix. 6. The ash. 7. Mountain ash.

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Author: A. Sedakova
("Crossword puzzles - preschool children to the wisdom of the child, Tula, 1998)


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