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Crossword puzzle about the objects of nature


  1. Flower stone
    Beauty unseen
    In the Ural mountains
    Found the master ...
  1. In the garden there and here
    Together parasols grow.
    Not put you in the syrup,
    This is a spice ...


  1. Cattail and birches in front of him
    correct hairstyles,
    The stars in it are reflected here and there.
    This wonderful mirror is called ...
  2. What a wedge is high in the sky
    And curlykat, and soars?
    This is the path for the blue-sea
    Continue ...
  3. The snake light in the summer sky,
    The rain on the roof really knocks,
    After the snake thunder sounds.
  4. Clothes in tatters,
    Seams no, green hairy Chub.


Horizontally: 1. Danila. 6. The dill.
Vertical: 2. A pond. 3. The cranes. 4. The lightning. 5. The onion.

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Author: A. Sedakova
("Crossword puzzles - preschool children to the wisdom of the child, Tula, 1998)


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