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Summer crossword

  1. You weave ...
    Flowers strew stitch gray,
    About Russia, the late area,
    Love you, and you believe.
                    S. A. Esenin

  2. Ah, summer red, I would have liked you,
    If not ..., Yes dust, Yes, mosquitoes, and flies.
                    A. S. Pushkin

  3. See how ... green
    The scorching sun drenched,
    And it sort of bliss blows
    From each branch and leaf!
                    F. I. Tyutchev

  4. How cheerful the thunder of the summer storms,
    When stirring up clouds of dust flying,
    ..., surging cloud,
    Will confuse the blue sky.
                    F. I. Tyutchev


1. A wreath. 2. Heat. 3. The grove. 4. Mph.

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Author: A. Sedakova
("Crossword puzzles - preschool children to the wisdom of the child, Tula, 1998)


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