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Autumn crossword puzzle

  1. A sad time! Eyes charm!
    Pleasant to me your farewell beauty -
    I love the lush nature of the fading,
    In the red and ... clad forest.
                    A. S. Pushkin

  2. Early autumn has
    A short, but wonderful time -
    The whole day is like a crystal
    And radiant...
                    F. I. Tyutchev

  3. Dissuaded Golden grove
    Birch, fun language,
    And ...sadly, flying,
    I do not regret most about anyone.
                    S. A. Esenin

  4. Late autumn. ... flew away.
    The forest was naked. The fields were empty,
    Not only compressed strip one
    Sad Duma suggests it.
                    N. A. Nekrasov


1. Gold. 2. P.m. 3. The cranes. 4. Rooks.

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Author: A. Sedakova
("Crossword puzzles - preschool children to the wisdom of the child, Tula, 1998)


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