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In Russia cricket called specnum Nightingale. (The irony is legitimate: it is very monotonous its endless song.) But whether the song sounds not coming from the soul, as generated by the friction of the hard elytra? Probably can. In. anyway, Sverige take the monotonous whirr for cheerful wedding song and go to the gentleman.

The crickets all unusual: they sing elytra, listen to your feet. On the Shin of the front leg, you can see a whitish speck - hole tympanal organ. These tricky words and called the ear.

However, females do not always rush to the noises of the gentleman. For the whirr of the rattling of the strife. Loud (10-20 decibels, louder than usual) and short trill is nothing like swearing. In warm weather, crickets chirping fast and high-pitched, cold slower, and, in addition, the voice appears crackle.

Displayed even formula, allowing the front to check the temperature. For the little cricket this formula is: T = 50+(4-C), where T is the temperature in Fahrenheit. H - the number of stratotone per minute. If not on the thermometer - use cricket.

And although the house cricket very close relative of grasshoppers, of which around a lot, this vegetarian outside of human settlements dwells only in deserts.

What is common speaking language specialists, between ecological niches dishes and deserts?

The menagerie at the porch

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