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Tikhon Nikolayevich Khrennikov
Tikhon Nikolayevich Khrennikov

Remember the film "True friends". Can you imagine the fun journey of three old friends without their songs on the boat, without thoughtful lyrical songs about troubled heart? Indeed, it is difficult. Just as it is difficult to imagine without music and songs plays "once Upon a time", "Much ADO about nothing", the movies "the swineherd and the shepherd", "at six o'clock In the evening after the war". Music is the author of all these works - Tikhon Nikolayevich Khrennikov, one of the prominent Soviet composers.

His songs are notable for the amazing simplicity, sincerity, fresh melodies and joyful, cheerful mood.

T. N. Khrennikov, in addition, created three operas, two symphonies, a piano concert. The first Symphony was written Khrennikov in 1935, even before graduating from the Moscow Conservatory. And in symphonies and Concerto for piano and orchestra, and in operas influenced the bright talent of the composer, his love of folk music, singing cantilena, to the simplicity of the musical presentation. In each of his works feel the desire to be as close as possible to a mass audience.

The first Opera Khrennikov, "Into the storm", has long been recognized as one of the best Soviet operas. Put her and abroad. Story taken from the novel of the Soviet writer N. Virty "Loneliness". The characters of the Opera - poor peasants and the kulaks. The duration of 1920, the civil war. The play is set in a Russian village. About the struggle of the Communists with his fists rebels, fighting in the name of national happiness Opera tells Khrennikov Into the storm.

The musical language of the Opera is very clear, is available to the listener. Arias close to lyrical songs, they are simple and melodic. Song-marsh, sung by partisans, written by type of Soviet mass songs. The characters of the Opera are perceived as real people, their actions cause approval or discontent, the fate of each of them care deeply. This is because the composer found for each of the characters expressive musical performances.

The song "the Boat" from the film "True friends"

Sing A. Borisov, B. Chirkov, V. Merkuryev

Another Opera Khrennikov, "Frol Skobeev"written on the story of an ancient Russian comic novel. In a good lyric and comic Opera episodes revealed important features of the talents of the composer: a sense of humor, proximity to folk music.

A great event in the musical life of the country was the appearance in 1955, the last Opera Khrennikov, "Mother." Image nilovny, with such stunning force drawn great Bitter for many years attracted the composer. Finally, he finished the Opera. The composer of the music was able to familiarize the audience with the rich inner world of the old woman, her kindness, warmth, show her the path to heroic deeds. The last Opera Khrennikov as well as his other works, is simple and availability of music, bright mass and choral scenes.

Lullaby Svetlana from the movie "hussar ballad"
Music T. Khrennikov, words by A. Gladkova

A lot of energy gave the composer not only creativity. Directs the Union of Soviet composers, was a prominent social and musical figure of the country. All his life he maintained a "party line" in music, he was struggling with "ideologically perverse, antagonistic phenomena in Soviet musical culture.

In the last decade of his life after a negative attitude to the leaders of perestroika and the collapse of the USSR. Until the end of his life he praised I. Stalin, calling him a genius, with foam on his lips docosyl his tolerance for criticism, despite the fact, in 1937, were repressed his brothers.

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Reprinted from the book N. Kolosova Hello music!" (Moscow, Molodaya Gvardiya, 1964)

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