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D. B. Kabalevsky
Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky

Remember, with what pleasure sings his song brave knight don Quixote of old radio broadcasts, which, however, now I can hear? And Sancho Panza? Its a funny song about how "no one trout he never caught, always brings a smile. It's a fun musical tale in the words of S. Y. Marshak "the Miller, the Boy and the Donkey" (remember the song "Old ass young lucky"?) - who hasn't been there? And of course all the well-known "Four friendly guys" or the song about the birch and Rowan, about the own, forever favorite edge - they sing in the school choir, a summer camp, hike.

The Miller, the Boy and the Donkey
The words of S. Marshak, D. music Kabalevsky
Sings George Abramov

All these and many other songs wrote a very kind, intelligent man, composer Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky.

Often Dmitry Borisovich called "youth" by the composer. Warm-heartedness, happy mood, youthful enthusiasm, vigor is distinguished not only by his songs. Boundless joy infects the audience of his violin Concerto. At the end of the concert the theme of the close of the song "Four friendly guys".

About the feelings of our youth, of her courage and wide roads, open fathers, tells the listeners a piano concert Kabalevsky. Bright joy covered cantata for children's choir and orchestra "song of the morning, spring and peace". In a cheerful, ringing choir cantata "Leninists" composer brought images of three generations of Soviet people - the pioneers, the Komsomol, the Communist.

Four friendly guys
The words of S. Marshak, D. music Kabalevsky
Performed by: Choir p/Lulli

There in the works of D. B. Kabalevsky and tragic pages dedicated to Soviet youth. About young heroes who gave their lives in the battles for the Motherland, reminds people the composer's cello Concerto. The concert based on the melodies of Russian songs, he seemed to song crying.

Folk songs inspired the composer to create a wonderful twenty-four piano preludes. The epigraph to him D. B. Kabalevsky chose the words of Lermontov: "If you want to go into the poetry of people, it's probably never going to look like in Russian songs". Prelude Kabalevsky - not handling heard melodies, and keenly and vividly noticed the images, motifs, moods, feelings, born of folk songs. In order to pass them, the composer uses the inexhaustible possibilities of one instrument - the piano.

Excellent knowledge of Russian folk music, the ability to convey her song warehouse helped the composer and work on operas "on fire", "the Family of Taras" and "Nikita Vershinin". The first two of the heroes of the great Patriotic war, the latter devoted to the civil war.

Have Kabalevsky another Opera. He wrote it in 1937, passionate poetic images of the story of the great French writer, humanist, Romain Rolland. The heroes of the novel: French people and his son Cola breugnon craftsman, a man with strong character and a warm heart. About two years studied Kabalevsky folk music of France, the history of the country. When he had finished working on the Opera, Romain Rolland, the biggest connoisseur of French musical culture, expressed his opinion about it: music of the Russian composer does not contain French melodies, but conveys the spirit of the people, national character, as if it was written not English, and French. Unfortunately, the libretto was unsuccessful: the story difficult to recycle, there is no clear plot. Therefore, the "Cola breugnon" is not now on the scene, but the music is frequently performed Opera and always brings us joy, light.

The composer captures listeners with his music and then, when his inspiration, manage sadness, tragic events.

About the deep sorrow of the people who have lost a great leader, told the people of the Third Symphony - Requiem to the memory of Lenin" for orchestra and chorus.

Firmly adopted by other students Requiem Kabalevsky - the words of the poet R. Christmas. This work illustrates the tragic pages of the history of the XX century.

Talent D. B. Kabalevsky is very versatile. Even from a short story about the composer's work shows how great the range of his interests. People well-educated, he gladly gave their knowledge, talent, youth, and society. Excellent conductor and pianist, he has performed with his compositions in concerts, helped Amateur teams, published articles in print, as a public figure and a music critic.

Very often came Dmitry Borisovich a visit to the school and they considered it their own "baby" by the composer. Yes, and how not to think, when some very serious adult Affairs D. B. Kabalevsky always found time to compose music for his young friends a merry song, tell them about the music as they sing, to ask about what excites them.

Our land
Music by D. Kabalevsky, words by A. Stranger

Great composers

Reprinted from the book N. Kolosova Hello music!" (Moscow, Molodaya Gvardiya, 1964)

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