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Joseph Haydn
Thomas Hardy
Portrait Of Joseph Haydn

He was called "father of the Symphony" and in molodosti and in old age. "Dad," he was for thirty years the orchestra of Prince esterházy, the richest after man king of Austria. "Dad" called the great Haydn, Mozart, who considered him to be their teacher and first friend. Princes, kings of different countries listened with delight to the music of Haydn, ordered his symphonies, quartets, oratorios. Gilt coach with intricate emblems often drove to his small house in the suburbs of Vienna. Napoleon himself, it is said, wished to hear in concert oratorio "the Creation". From London, Paris, St. Petersburg sent to Haydn honorary diplomas and medals. He was Nazarali so much precious rings, cups, snuff boxes and other strange things that it would be difficult to fit in the house.

Any would be put on airs! As the father of the Symphony? No. Gets a little light and works, writes his music. And dressed as if he wasn't famous composer and invisible musician. And the food is simple and in conversation. Got called all the boys from the street and let them have a wonderful apples in his garden. We immediately see that his father was a poor man and that of children in the family had a lot of seventeen! If not the case, maybe Haydn, like his father, became coach of Affairs master and, as a father, would have worked all my life with a song. Can, and would compose songs, but not able to record them...

The man was the father of the Symphony and good sense of humor. And the music he is also a good, simple, humorous. Then she says, as the birds sing, the gurgling of the stream, as is currently being transferred from one foot to the clumsy bear. In Haydn in music and the sun is shining and the waves on the sea rolling, and the grass grow, and trees. And sometimes, talks music, dance as an important ladies and gentlemen, but mostly singing and dancing peasants. His symphonies Haydn calls seem to work: "Evening", "Morning", "Noon", "Hunt", "Bear", "Chicken", "Queen". Who, except Papa Haydn, could think of "Children's" Symphony for toy instruments - whistles, drums, rattles, baby pipe, treugol.*

But there Haydn and sad Symphony - "Complaint", "Farewell". "Farewell" Symphony, it is also a joke, only a joke sad. It was written when Haydn served as Kapellmeister for Prince esterházy. He alone could protect musicians from the whims of the Prince.

...Excitedly sounds disturbing the beginning of the Symphony. Yearning, are sad melody of a violin and bass. The first, second, third, fourth part... No signs of joy, fun, jokes, typical of Haydn. Finally the fifth part is also a surprise: it is usually in the symphonies of all four parts. And suddenly the second horn player and the first oboist up, extinguish the candles at his lectern and not paying attention to the orchestra, Exeunt. The orchestra, as if nothing had happened, continued to play. Soon the silent bassoon musician also extinguishes the candle and goes, then the first horn player and the second oboist, bassist... Gradually fading all the musicians, except for the first and second violins. The melody sounds sadder, slower, and finally melts. Violinists, having extinguished the last candle, silently leave the stage.

Th. Haydn. Farewell Symphony. The final

What a joke invented by Haydn, to help his comrades, the court musicians. None of them, and he himself Haydn, would not dare to openly tell the Prince that he makes the orchestra too much work that people are tired and want to go home to their families.

Music is life, until old age worked very hard. He left behind many works, many of which are still not found. The trouble is that the immortal creation that Haydn wrote for thirty years at the court of esterházy, belonged not to him but to the owner, the Prince, and went then to the heirs of the lords. Those, though not very appreciated music, but did not want to part with the manuscripts of the great composer. So many of his works were not printed for a long time remained unknown.

Only after 1932, when the whole world celebrated the bicentennial birthday of Haydn, saw the light of the most remarkable creations of the composer. In the Church and princely libraries collectors of his works found more than four hundred unknown first manuscripts.

Even more celebrated in many countries around the world in 1959 - the year of Haydn (the 150th anniversary of his death). In all major cities music sounded great composer. But the most amazing was the holiday in an ancient castle esterházy. The crowd of guests filled the yard. First performed the famous Haydn oratorio "the seasons", and then... was born many years ago lost and only recently discovered Symphony Haydn's "La Passione". Symphony, exciting and sad, brought in that day smiling like dad Haydn to his younger contemporary, the great wrestler and innovator in the music of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Tchaikovsky said about Haydn: "don't be it, there would be neither Mozart nor Beethoven".

* A number of researchers believe that "Children's Symphony", or "Symphony of toys", wrote not Haydn and Leopold Mozart, the father of the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Ed.

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Reprinted from the book N. Kolosova Hello music!" (Moscow, Molodaya Gvardiya, 1964)

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