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And guys and girls prefer one color, at least two or three (depending on where these colors are used in clothing, furnishings and so on). One of the most popular questions is: "What is your favorite color?" Isn't that right? The answer may not only satisfy simple curiosity, but also help to unravel the character's emotional makeup of the individual. Of course, it is undeniable that over time a person may change the taste and passion for color.

Some psychologists argue that the preference provided by the cold colors (blue, green, and their derivatives), indicates calmness, tenderness, lethargy, sadness and variations of these States. Warm color (which has a reddish shades indicate the power, authority, activity, and joy. Consider more colors.

White is the synthesis of all colors, so it is the perfect color, "color dreams". It has built-in a meaningful sense, because it simultaneously transmits a flash of light, and cold ice. This color can give preference to people with any character, he did not repel.

Black - antagonist white. This color can cause anxiety, associated with negative phenomena. It symbolizes a bleak Outlook on life. The one who prefers to dress in black (excluding funeral symbolism - this is a special case), often perceives life in dark colors, insecure, unhappy, prone to depression, because no doubt that the ideals in life is unattainable. Frequent change of costume or dress black on another, brighter,is an indication that the pessimistic mood dispelled.

Grey is my favorite color of reasonable and distrustful of people, for a long time contemplating, before taking any decision. This color and prefer those who are too afraid to assert themselves. People who don't like the color, are impulsive, frivolous character.

Red - the color of passion. Man is distinguished by courage, strength of will, arrogance, temper, sociability, propensity to altruism, if it's his favorite color. In humans, this color is annoying, developed an inferiority complex, fear of quarrels, love of solitude, instability in relationships.

Orange is a favorite color of people with a developed intuition and passionate dreamers. This color also points to the hypocrisy and pretense.

Brown and all shades prefer those who firmly and confidently stand on his feet. People who have a weakness to it, appreciate tradition, family. His aversion to talking about self-love, selfishness, secrecy, and isolation.

The yellow color symbolizes peace, ease in dealing with people, intelligence. People who love him, are sociability, curiosity, courage. They easily adapt to everything and love to please and attract attention to yourself. Unpleasant it is people-centered, pessimistic, which can be difficult to strike up an acquaintance.

Salad is the color of haters and cynics. Like it people power, imposing its will on others, but not daring to act out of fear of getting in trouble.

Pink is the colour of life, of all living things, he talks about the need to love and be kinder. Those who like it tend to worry most insignificant occasions. People have pragmatic that color causes irritation.

Purple color indicates a very high emotionality, sensitivity, high spirituality and sensitivity. It is the color of harmoniously developed people. It will not accept people with a developed sense of duty, desire to live only in the present.

Blue. Because it is the color of the sky, it is usually associated with the spiritual elevation of man, his purity. Commitment to it says about modesty and melancholy. Such a person often need to relax, he quickly and easily tired, it's extremely important a feeling of self-confidence, benevolence of others. Those who accept it, want to show that to them everything is subject. But in fact they are insecure and reserved people. Indifference to this color says about known levity in the field of feelings, hidden under the mask of courtesy.

Green is the color of nature, of nature, of life itself, of spring. The one who prefers afraid of an alien influence, looking for ways of self-assertion, as it is vital; but he who does not love him, afraid of life's challenges, adversity, all difficulties.

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