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...Physiologists studying cockroach nervous nodes (ganglia), learned a lot of new things. The experiences were very different. The cockroach eyes were covered with black lacquer, and then watch what happens with biorhythms, the insect was deprived of the head and torso surgically connected with the body normal individuals, to learn how and what hormones affect behavior. And even earlier cockroaches just grew, either for fun (so-called cockroach races), or to feed the birds.

May it happen that cockroaches will dry, make them the medicine and sell in the pharmacies? Make it clear what I was talking about, I will briefly summarize the article, published in 1969, in the eighth issue of the journal "Chemistry and life". Begins an article for the repose - the long-known bug sins added another one: it turned out that "fellowship" with those hangers-on for some people is fraught with allergies - runny nose, eczema or urticaria. Isn't it strange - cockroaches and runny nose? But even more strange what the log said further. "It is not the first month was a struggle for the life of a child affected severe renal disease... Child literally turned into a bag of water. None of diuretics available to physicians, did not give effect". Saved child of Professor invited to the consultation. On his advice in hospital pharmacy from the dried black cockroaches prepared an unusual medicine. And swelling, the patient began to fall.

This is not news - in the last century was defended his doctoral dissertation on the strongest machigonne action black cockroaches. Unfortunately, what the substance of the body baleen medicine healing, unknown to this day.

It would be necessary to explore and validity of other people's drugs. All of them are not listed. But here are some. Write that in Russia the powder of cockroaches was the case in the treatment of pleurisy. In Jamaica tincture of cockroaches used as anthelmintic, adding sugar, so that children do not spit the drug. In South-East Asia was in the course of cockroach medicine for bone accretion. In other countries, so that wounds heal faster, the bandages were soaked in boiled cockroach extract.

And if actually cockroaches are capable of such good deeds? Not justified whether at least partially poluyanova saying: friend you're my heart, cockroach Zarechny?

However, in Russia these words were escorted annoying guest.

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