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Eggs which hatch into larvae, females are packaged in a sturdy flat shell, like a cigarette case. There each egg in a special compartment, so as not to be damaged. Black tarakana drops capsule anywhere, and red patiently dragging it for almost a month, until you develop embryos. And all this time, cigarette case, or, as it is called in common, the bag sticking out of its tail. Though ugly, but reliable - children are not left to the mercy of fate.

Professor M. N. Bogdanov in a cute and clever book "Worldly zakhrebetnyy", the 19th edition of which was published in 1917, fun describe childbirth and the first steps cockroach kids. "Inside the bag, carefully carrying her mother, lie in two layers of long white tube, it is up to 36. This is the testicles, which are developing small targanice. When the time comes for them to crawl out from the testicles, tarakana get into the slot, the rear legs will detach the Luggage and will be on him to try. As soon as she authrized side of the scar, the resulting holes will start to creep in white, long insects with legs and black eyes. Tarakana carefully oglivie newborn antennae and adjusts to a pre-laid edible crumbs. Let the bugs eat to become unrecognizable: the body becomes flat and wide, and the white color changes to brown. The mother leads them out of the slit in the slit, teaching to produce food."

Such parental chores are contrary to our interests. Otherwise, the industry wouldn't produce protivostoyanie poisons, such as Phosfolan". This powder is sprinkled with places lived-in kitchen guests. If the powder scattering anyone't like it, you can use the "Insectlike". When it dries grow thin crystals of the chemical. Wiping cloth dust, we will erase and tiny crystals. However, sad is not necessary - they will grow again. "Insectile" almost two years to poison the lives of cockroaches.

Abroad in search protivostoyanie weapons appealed even to electricity: under the baseboards, much love to hide and that was putting two thin copper wires - one was under tension, the other grounded. Crawling into a crack, the cockroach was on the third wire and said goodbye to life. But perhaps all this is good only on paper. Otherwise how can you explain the recent information, "new York times" about the complete defeat of the Pentagon, the loser cockroach war. Insects occupy all areas of U.S. military, all the staffs and services, there was even a helicopter. And the Pentagon invested to combat cockroaches more than 20 million dollars a year, gave up, stopped fighting.

Isn't it better to fight with baleen aliens good old-fashioned ways? Here is one of the driving recipes: three parts borax to one part of the wheat starch and one part of powdered sugar. Spend this dish, cockroaches rush to the search for water: calcined borax dehydrate their bodies. And to succeed, you need to cut off the path to the watering place. Grandfathers and grandmothers lured cockroaches and traps, where fragrant moistened with beer bread. And that cockroaches could not get out, didn't run off, the high side dishes smeared with some kind of fat. Caught pests poured boiling water.

Beat cockroaches and frost. In Russia many occasions in the frost farmer with the whole family moved to the neighbor for a couple of days, and in the hut opened wide open Windows and doors. Will return home owners, sweep piles of dead cockroaches and live happily ever after, until you bring down accidentally from guests Maracanau on the tribe.

Or maybe the insects will cope elder? Here's how in 1785 the relationship between elder and cockroaches outlined one of the pioneers of Russian agronomy A. T. Bolotov. "...Didn't happen on purpose one owner to make the house as Buzinov color to dry for therapeutic purposes. In the house of the mistress of the huge amount of black cockroaches. No sooner had the cockroaches to hear as Buzinov spirit, as we went all trooped out of the hut and straight to the stables... Out of curiosity intelligent mistress quickly moved elderberry judges in the stable, where the cockroaches moved. And then the woman was finally ascertained that as Buzinov color, or more than the smell thereof, thence cockroaches drove, forcing to go to a neighbor's house". I need to think about clever hostess and didn't say a word with a neighbor about his experiment.

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