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It seems that cockroaches are worn, like crazy. However, the speed of their small: kilometer per hour. But the kilometers they will not run - power is not enough. But if there were competition protiskivanii through cracks, cockroaches would have been included in the top five. Here they are virtuosos. It is sometimes used by the sailors. Grabbing the body of the cockroach thread, they ran it in unthinkable weave pipes and bulkheads - where you had to push a rope or cable. This living Rover dragged out the thread, then he was released or pressed the heel, a thread tied the rope to the rope - rope. And you need a cable was laid to the right place.

...In the book about insects-parasites of man K. Frisch wrote that cockroach's head looks like it holds the brain of the thinker. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), for an impressive forehead nothing is hidden-tiny brain. Anyway cockroach with a torn head will live longer than the tadpole, if both do not feed. So without a head you can live.

And yet baleen something thinkers. For example, you can teach them the signal to withdraw the paw. In addition, as they say ethology, cockroaches have a research activity. If Prusak put on a white vertical bar, he would become her study: to run up and down. Gradually, the distance is shortened cockroach familiarized himself with the situation. If it is transplanted on the same, but the green bar, he will repeat the same thing. The running impact and the condition of the spirit: when the cockroach before releasing it on a new subject, allow to calm down, to look, he explores the subject of more, faster.

The main research tool mustache. Under the microscope it is seen that they consist of many segments with tiny holes, from which protrude a thin tactile setae. Under the base of the setae is a nerve cell. It signals the contact. Setae scattered here and there and the body: thanks to them being solid outer cover, smell the world around us. But the mustache insect not only examines his - they tell him about the smell, so that mustache is even and nose. However, the defective nose - sniffing can and cannot breathe. (Cockroach and other insects, breathing belly. And if his head dipped into the water, then the owner will not suffocate.)

Mustache needs and to establish contacts cockroaches greet antennas. If young Prusakov to cut, to shave or cut his moustache, six-legged children feel lonely, abandoned and dramatically slow the growth, but you can see that roaming around the tribesmen. Not Kooks do - my eyes don't believe? May, without moustache they indulge in in-depth introspection? If not psychological, biochemical tests go at them full speed. Otherwise beardless youth was not added would increase when the feed was mixed into 1 to 5% of the excrement of other Prusakov, i.e. not added would increase "signal of the stomach."

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