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In fact, the cockroaches on earth venerable age. They are about three hundred million years. In the very distant past, they became addicted to the warmth and wet gloom that prevailed in ancient forests. Now the moisture and heat them gives the kitchen. With twilight too, no problems - during the day they rest in the crevices and come out to hunt, when the owners of the apartment extinguish the light.

Often we are plagued by the beetles - red creature centimeter growth and black (or Eastern) cockroaches, which is twice larger. (Black cockroach is not so great; in South America, for example, found a cockroach in length with a finger.) Name kitchen cockroaches reflect the geographic position, from which they launched attacks on the world. When the black invader appeared in an average strip of Russia, it is not known. But the beetles write, if they come to us in the XVIII century, after the seven years war. At the time of cockroaches was a bad habit of hiding under the collars and things frequenters of taverns. These sticky subjects involuntarily and brought home the Russian soldiers who fought against the armies of Frederick. Like it or otherwise, but in the past, either in Moscow or in St. Petersburg red cockroaches was not.

However, the validity of such long-standing evidence you can see from the words of a Tanker, who was in the XVI century in Moscow. It was, apparently, in Russia horrible animal by the name of "karakan, which does not disturb owners, but alive jammed guests". So. No more, no less.

Oddly enough, the cockroaches in Russia lived sometimes at ease - rumor gave pesky vermin mysterious qualities. Claimed that the emergence of a new hut black members of this tribe was promised wealth. The beetles also supposedly brought good. And if the insects out of the house ran - fire.

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