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Is this giant?
It's just a cockroach!
The cockroach, the cockroach, tarakaratna,
Giganova the old shrimp-bocachica.
K. Chukovsky

In life it is unlikely at least one mistress laughed, met a cockroach in the kitchen. Seeing iconogra bocachico, Housewives most likely remembered the other lines Chukovsky: "Let him be damned cursed". Alas, cockroaches do not fail, and the kitchen pokazivaet, a full belly and a mustache stroke.

At first glance smug creature look neat so they look for the mustache. If you stop them to brush mustache, they will be accepted by the feet - will now and then to stroke. But we cockroach toilets use no: annoying neighbors running around everywhere, all dirty and can even be carriers of the infection. And germs they pick up a lot: the cockroaches to taste a variety of food. They eat also the Polish, and vegetables, and book covers, glued with paste, but especially fond of beer. However, from snacks not refuse.

The upper pair of jaws is used for the hatchet job, the less powerful the second pair is designed for small business. Many tiny teeth and brush for the most important procedures - cleaning whiskers. Moreover bearded gluttons chew not only by mouth, they chew and what is swallowed - cockroach stomach equipped with chitinous teeth and strong muscles.

If the food is bad, if the bin is empty, and the table is not lying bread crumbs, and then "konavoski bukachachi" will not raise your legs in a warm kitchen on an empty stomach will live a month.

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