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The test will help you navigate through the world of professions and to understand which of them is closer to you.

There are five types of professions.


If the main leading object of labour are plants, animals or microorganisms, before we type "P": "man - nature". These include the profession of biologist, planting, plant designer can, veterinarian, agronomist, horticulturist, and so forth.


If the main object of labour - technical systems, material objects, materials, forms of energy, it will be the type "T": "man - technology" (engineer, technician, installer, etc.).


Type "H": "man - man". For this type of occupations the main object of labour are people. This is the doctor, nurse, teacher, kindergarten teacher, journalist, Manager, waitress, receptionist Atelier, clerk, Secretary, etc.


Type "3": "man is a sign". Characterized by the following major items of work, as symbols, Numbers, codes, natural or artificial languages. This group may include such professions: typist, stenographer, programmer, designer, proofreader, accountant itd


Type "X:" one - image". Related the terms of the construction of the artistic image. In this case, the range of occupations is very wide; painter, sculptor, jeweler, lace, designer, decorator, tile setter, master of mosaic work, painters, etc.

Suppose that after training you will be able to perform any work. Here and select from the list those occupations that you like most.

Take paper and pen and write down the letter of your chosen profession in columns or lines at the end of the test you will need to count the number of times in the process of passing the test you chose each letter.

A. The Breeder. This man does practically all the work on animal care. He should focus in Zoology.

B. Operator control of the plant materials. The operator, standing on line, manages the process of obtaining tile, linoleum. He must understand physics, and chemistry.

C. the Seller books. This requires accurate accounting, the ability to understand people, to promote the book.

He Concealer. We used to read books, Newspapers, magazines, written correctly and competently due to the proofreader, who carefully reads the texts and corrects errors.

D. Painter on porcelain. He causes the contour of the sample and produces the painting.

He Draftsman-designer. Drawing - technical language, without it will not work to make the item. You need to love drawing.

A. A Veterinarian. This Aibolit in animal husbandry.

, Accountant. Any company buys the equipment salaries. All documents received by the accountant. It must be precise and accurate.

Century consultants industrial goods. Buyers often have questions; "do I Fit this costume?", "And how can it be washed?" and so the Seller is obliged to know all the properties of the product and be able to explain and convince.

, Cashier. It kinda combines three positions: the seller of the controller and cashier. It requires concentration, ability to quickly understand in any situation.

A. Seed. Using a variety of techniques, he selects the best seeds, conducts inspections crops and produces observations.

D. graphic Artist. Shop Windows are not accidentally "look". They make out the people with skilled hands and artistic taste.

B. the Operator of CNC machines. Invented machines that perform the desired sequence of operations, the only time you need to replace the program. Work for them people versed in the technique of possessing a good memory for numbers.

C. The Operator. The main place of work - a switch that connects subscribers. For this profession requires alertness and attentiveness.

A. Vegetable Grower. Requires the ability to hard work.

C. the preschool Teacher. You must love children, be able to organize them, to teach them to sing, draw, and just a lot to know.

A. Laboratory seed inspection. The harvest depends on the quality of seeds, and the technician doing the test. Requires knowledge of biology.

, Calculator to catering companies. The representative of this profession is the prices for the dishes, take into account the movement of products in the kitchen. It is necessary to have a propensity for counting.

A. Laboratory chemical and bacteriological analysis. Microbes are harmful and useful. Thanks to the last there are many necessary processes (for example, obtaining dairy products). The technician prepares the nutrient medium. For this profession required precision and accuracy, knowledge of biology.

D. Painter. Must be well versed in the properties of paints, when to exercise patience and precision.

A. the Master farmer. This work requires knowledge of anatomy and physiology of animals, the ability to work with them.

B. crane. An important good eye, coordination and the ability to understand the device mechanisms.

, A plotter is. Before you print the map, it needs to be. But it was laborious. You need to be good to draw, to be precise and accurate.

Century Teacher. The necessary organizational skills, good knowledge of the subject and sociability.

, Economist. He should be able for the numbers to see the real events.

D. a Club employee. The club is an Association of people of interest, and its employee - organizer of the initiative, the team leader. He must be a creative person.

D. the Artist-designer. Must be able to plan the housing interior, to have artistic inclinations.

B. Installer of radio equipment. Should be good know electrical engineering.

D. Engraver. Performs signs, logos and graphics. Must have artistic taste.

D. The artist-restorer: "Aibolit" "diseased" pattern; must not only good at drawing, but also to have great patience.

Century Guide. Master of his craft must have a large store of knowledge, organization and goodwill.

D. the Woodcarver. For this occupation should be able to determine the grade of the wood, to have skillful hands and artistic taste.

Was the computer Operator. Must have mathematical skills and ability to work with technology.

B. the Driver of public transport. Requires the ability for a long time to be on the way, to be collected and polite to passengers.

C. the Manager of the motor company. Shall promptly distribute routes and have organizational skills.

Was the Printer manual dialing. Reading the manuscript, the printer puts line by line. Should patience and a good visual memory.

Century Physician. He must not only know about the symptoms of different diseases and how to treat people, but also to be friendly with the patient, to empathize with him.

B. Locksmith. For this profession, it is important to have technical inclinations.

D. Modeler of architectural details. Creative and interesting profession that requires artistic taste and skillful hands.

B. Molder hand-made. Should know the technology of foundry and have spatial thinking.

Was The Programmer. Very necessary now a profession, it is very important math skills.

D. the designer. Creates a new technical model. For this profession is not only important artistic taste, but also the ability to draw, well versed in mathematics, physics and engineering.


If you got more letters "A", then you are suitable profession type "Man-nature". Many people love nature only for a good holiday. But it's still not the kind of love that is expected of a professional in the field of nature. You must figure out exactly how much you love her. Maybe you like just a walk in the woods, to lie on the lawn? If you are determined to choose the profession of this type, it is important to develop your intuition and creative approach to the problems that will be very useful when working with plants and animals.

If you got more letters "B", then you fit the technical profession. Professionals of this type have the knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics. This is the most extensive type of profession. The main subject of attention and care workers - technical objects. Imagine yourself in the place of a professional, try to imagine a particular occupation. And often if there is a condition that can be expressed by the words: "Ugh, do not want!", it is a signal of the bias relation to the professions of practical work or about the lack of interest in the field of technology. But the interest can be acquired. Be of good cheer! You can all to turn out.

If you got more letters "B", then you are suitable profession, associated with people.

If you know how to get along with people and to quickly establish contacts, these jobs for you! But in addition you will need and a good special training in the chosen field. Working with people is not easy. Here you have the ability to adjust with the personal plan business communication in style.

If you got more letters "G", then you are suitable profession type "Man is a sign".

Even N. Century Gogol noticed that you can have a tendency to this particular reality as letters and symbols. Modern man is immersed in a world of signs and sign systems - drawings, diagrams, tables, formulas. Some are bored: sit for half an hour over the map or the table and already posetive. Well, he likes another matter. And you're ready to do this kind of work with pleasure? If Yes then feel free to choose it for yourself!

If you got more letters "D", then you are suitable occupations associated with the work. The peculiarity of these professions is that the main work is hidden from the eyes of an observer. But the result provides a burst of creative energy, positive emotions, a sense of the need and usefulness.

We hope that our test has helped you to meet many professions and "play" mentally some choices.


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