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Educational films on chemistry

Basic chemical concepts and laws, chemical elements, the life of the great chemists

Educational films on chemistry
Chemistry world
Chemistry around us
("Lennauchfilm", 1981)
The language of chemistry
The periodic law of D. I. Mendeleev
("Thumbnail", 1975)
Lomonosov and the law of conservation of mass matter
(Skyfilm", 1960)
The life and work of M. C. University
("Lennauchfilm", 1975)
The life and scientific activity of the D. I. Mendeleev
("Lennauchfilm", 1981)
(Kiev popular science film", 1977)
Carbon dioxide
Carbon monoxide
(The Sverdlovsk film Studio, 1962)
Lime, its production and use
(The Sverdlovsk film Studio, 1961)
("Lennauchfilm", 1979)
(Skyfilm", 1985)
(Skyfilm", 1985)
(Kiev popular science film", 1961)
Cement production
(Skyfilm", 1985)
Properties of f-elements, lanthanides, and actinides
(Kiev popular science film", 1981)
Electrolytes and non-electrolytes
(Skyfilm", 1981)
The mechanism of electrolytic dissociation
(Skyfilm", 1981)
The crystalline structure of metals and alloys
(Skyfilm", 1971)

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