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Run cat bad though for a few minutes can make as many movements as we and the hour will not succeed. And yet the endurance they bad. Nobel laureate, ethologist (specialist in animal behavior) Konrad Lorenz managed lived his cats to instill a love for myself that those voluntarily (!) accompanied him in his walks in the surrounding forest. However, to walk with him in the field cats refused - apparently feared in the open field, where a tree will not fit, to meet with the dog.

Joint campaigns have shown the following: "the First time I was amazed at how quickly gets tired and starts to fall behind such a strong, healthy and strong animal. Who of my readers had to see that the cat was breathing hard or stick out their tongue like a dog? The view is truly rare! But the adult, healthy and full of energy the cat in half an hour completely vykatyvaetsya, even if the person, for whom she should go slowly".

Actually, cats day is supposed to relax and not to wander in the woods. Because a cat is an animal on the benefit night.

About another property, not once helped the purring out of trouble: it always falls on his feet. The cat somehow knew the law of conservation of angular momentum. If masters of figure skating spins, dramatically throwing his hands out, then it widely spreads her legs.

In General, the cat is a mysterious creature. Sort of small Sphinx. Even in the posture of the animal, resting at home, is a mystery. Of course, you've seen the cat curls into a ball to keep warm. In a well-heated hut, her body takes the form of an arc of 270 degrees. The warmer the room, the more she straightens. And here's the strange thing - when merciless heat cat again a little convoluted. R. Burton in the book "Feelings of animals" complains about this: "so far nobody has managed to explain why this is happening". And really - why? The cat lies in the house, not in the sun.

Maybe shaggy cats for hours basking in the sun or on a radiator, remember their ancient homeland - the hot Sands of Africa? Hardly - the Frenchman M. Jouvet with clever experiments have found that during sleep the cats see only what was with them in reality. In the dream they are either employed hygienic procedures (lick paw), or hunt. So dreams the home of the Sphinx no.

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