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In addition to claws and muscles, hunting Arsenal cat has another weapon: great excellent hearing and night vision.

Suppose that a small crease on the edge of the cat's ear, forming an oblong recess, not that other, as the resonator. In General sensitive cat ear hears the sound frequency to 60 000 Hertz. Eyewitnesses claim that during the Second world war seasoned cats in advance, even before the announcement of an air-RAID warning, hid in a bomb shelter. Didn't catch whether they are noise aircraft engines before the aircraft had encountered anti-aircraft defense?

And it seems quite incredible message that cats can hear not only the ears but also the eyes. If their pupils found these nerve cells, what other animals are in the hearing.

Cat's nerves keep many secrets. Thus, the electric potentials induced in the brain of a cat with the clock ticking, increased light and weakened in the dark. In turn, the electrical activity in the visual area of the cortex of her brain was affected not only the power of light entering the eye and skin irritation.

Night cat eyes unusually wide open; in the afternoon - a narrow slit. Expansion and contraction of the pupil depends on the strength of the light in the darkness of the huge pupil to let in more light. The cat's eyes and miniature mirror - tapetum, a layer of silver crystals, as would increasing the power of incoming light.

However, luminous eyes - not exceptional cat indulgence. Dogs, horses, rabbits, sheep, and many fish have eyes-headlights. Of course, inside of a cat or a horse electric battery no. Just their eyes reflect light so that the rays returned by the same path by which they came. And green cat's eye can be pronounced ka a distance of 80 meters. Surrounding objects fluffy creating distinguish when ambient light is six times less than what is required of us.

To hunt the cat and help the skin and whiskers. Worth a trim mustache, how tactile sensitivity decreases, and in a completely dark room she helplessly because from side to side. (Incidentally, the man in the tissues surrounding the mouth, such as the lips, have the increased tactile sensitivity). A rare sense of touch is hidden in the cat's skin. And the skin when stroking emits tiny electrical sparks. Is it because it is so nice to stroke the cat? Cat skins like tone. About this superbly posted by Stefan Zweig in "the Legend of the sisters-twins".

Alas, there is no perfection in this world: the scent of a cat unimportant, like our. Yes it smells and do not really need: it is not intended victim, and, as already mentioned, is stalking. Sniffing the cat a little twitching mustache. If she catches the scent of his companions, mustache POPs up and prikrylova mouth seem language. I do not raznitsa whether spiteful creature?

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