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When a person sees what he gets, very motivated form of denial is usually such an argument: "don't buy a pig in a poke". Indeed, what we know about the cat in the bag? If the bag is actually a cat, 25 chances out of a hundred for what he ambidexter: this is not taken from the ceiling, and from the pages of the journal of higher nervous activity".

To be Ambidextrous not ashamed: for this complicated word hidden those cats whose front legs are the same. Rather, shaggy owners paws not give preference to any extremity. If the bag is not ambidexter, with equal chances he may be left-handed or right-handed, for among the mewing of the tribe left-handed much more than among men.

Much is written about what our left hand is more musical right that even the eyes of one person see the world somewhat differently, that a child is left-handed carefully to retrain so that he became a right-handed... Such subtleties about the four-legged science does not know yet. But it is known that any inhabitant of the bag" after training they will join the ranks of either left-handed or right-handed. When the left hemisphere of the cat-ambidexter sent electric discharges, he immediately became a southpaw is beginning to dominate the intact hemisphere of the brain. Therefore, cats are just like us, everything falls within the framework of one of the hemispheres.

Such a remarkable conclusion when observing just behind the front legs back somehow not attracted the attention of researchers. And it is quite unclear: what about the tail? Equally if it works for cats left-handed, right-handed and Ambidextrous about? Because of the flexible spine, strong hind legs - it seems that all that is necessary for excellent final jump, so that production is not left between the claws,too. The necessary wheel - fluffy and yet rigid enough. This tail. When on the island of Møn cats mutilated brought tailless breed animals as compensation greatly increased hind legs.

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