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In the Moscow state University under the direction of corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences L. C. Krushinsky began to study the ability of animals to the forecasts. Here is a simple experience: tidbit first moved at the sight of the animal, and then moving in the same direction bait was closed by a screen. Foxes and dogs instantly knew where to go. But cats have often been mistaken: in these experiments they have outdone even the crows.

Is it possible the experimental results be interpreted differently? Maybe the cat is not such a piece of stupidity? Isn't it tradition: in nature, it is not chase prey and stalking her food as if she is in the claws.

So the smell is not flushed prey, and in the apartment and on the street cat as it tries to preserve the purity. Here is one of the countless facts, remarkable only for the fact that it was noticed by the great grandfather of Charles Darwin. The kitten was trying to fall asleep ashes cold water, which accidentally threw a spoon near extinct fire. It was just water, bad she didn't smell, but hygienic precepts of their ancestors dictated kitten that puddle should be eliminated. Probably, neat-birds took a spoonful of water for his children's sin.

Is an adult, mighty dog, even the most noble blood, for a moment to see a tasty bone, as he receives salivating. Kittens and cats saliva does not dissolve. They also taught the life: no vain come saliva, sitting in ambush. But when the prey in their claws and tasted, then the saliva here. Interestingly, the apartment cats, who never in his life did not hunt that unknown beauty "living mice", the saliva downright dog-like.

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