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Part two - environmental,
or the story about why the cat's feet sweat

The cat caught the mouse and ate it... But meat is meat - hatred. In the body of the cat carbon 20.6 per cent, and a mouse only 10.8 per cent. Cats are predators, they thirst for blood. And is it not because in itself it is not enough? In relation to the weight of the body, the blood in them is almost two times less than in horses, pigeons and dogs. And is it not strange that in the interest of its content in the body of the cat is very close to the pigs, not the example which constantly lick themselves.

Recently there was a version like a cat, licking, get a double benefit - contain the body clean and lick with wool and send in mouth vitamin b, which allocates the skin. Is nature to supply the body with vitamins could not find a way simpler?

And yet, how much would a cat not vitamines, she must be clean. To keep the body in the manner of cats taught life, evolution. She arranged it so that it was not overly burdensome.

Everyone knows that the dog smells pinoy. The dog, of course, does not care. But the cat in any case it was impossible to purchase a personal fragrance. She sneaks up to the prey, and that does not exhaust its long running around like a dog. For this little soft feline gait - if you slip, you can detect by the smell. That's nature, and arranged it so that her body no fat and sweat glands. So she does and does not smell.

However, as with other mammals, the cat is still going to sweat. In the heat of the dog overhang language almost to the ground. And winded it as a rag. Cat this method of control was considered indecent. Sweating it elegantly. She had become wet feet, or rather, leathery ends of the legs. The prowling animal paws pressed to the ground, and, consequently, production ahead of time will not smell the scent of a predator. If to frighten unsuspecting domestic cat, her footprints on the linoleum or the floor will be wet...

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