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Our veterinary regulations require that the city cat walked under the supervision of the owners. And how to supervise? Is it really necessary to fasten hated the muzzle or leash? In all likelihood, the exercise of such equipment for cats offensive. Is there any way out of a sticky situation? Seems to be there: people can teach her pet dog traits - need to be next to the owner and to follow him.

The possibility of such a transformation experiments confirm M. A. Gerd from the Moscow branch of the society of psychologists. In the experiments, participated cats, even the age of one month entirely transferred to the care of the owners, who not only fed the kids, but also protected in case of danger, played with them and meet their so-called research curiosity.

Matured cats owners brought to the site. Here it was quiet, I heard a loud noise and flashed red and a green lamp. Cats got to the test site, was lost in unfamiliar surroundings. A quadruped choice was to run away and hide in one of the shelters or to cuddle up to standing next to the owner. In a more complex variant of the experiment they could caminiti for reaching the host. Alas, raised to follow their man ventured only one animal out of four. Moreover, half of the experimental cats scurried from the owners. But there is the other half. Therefore, the conclusion M. A. Gerd encouraging: "the Mind of a cat prepared to develop some forms of behavior, canine as a result of its evolution under human influence". Right, well, if the suggestion will come true. Besides, cats can be trained almost as much as dogs. For example, the great Dante taught one of my favorites to keep in paw lighted candle, when it is in the evenings reading books. Of course, the lamp cat paws will not keep. But something new to teach time.

And yet in the cat something troubling. Imagine that the dog suddenly grew to the size of an elephant. It will still remain a protector and a friend. And the cat?

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