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Not so long ago in one of popular science magazine has been printed material, where there is a phrase: "the Statistics say that the domestic cat kills per year 600 mice and only 4 birds". However, about who, where and how it is calculated, the log says nothing.

Meanwhile, the numbers are strange, unreal. No matter how primitivi, the average cat mice will eat much less, and birds - a lot more. Here's bitter words of the Moscow specialist: "Density living in our yard cats at least 400 times higher than that of the marten in the forest. Is it any wonder that we've seen a couple of lesser-Chernogolovka, suggestivity was in our yard, and heard a wonderful song by a male only four days:ate cats. It is possible to cite another example, the opposite. On the square behind the Moscow University (its area is equal to 4 ha) we had up to 16 sockets linnets, located in the manicured hedges, and 1-2 garden warblers. Once here a long time lived, sang, and possibly nested Nightingale. Such an abundance of birds were everywhere around the University. The reason is clear - there are no houses, therefore, no cats, manufactured home on night walks. Absolutely the same type planting and hedges in front of the main entrance to the exhibition center in Moscow, but we did not find a single nest... in the Evening there any cats from neighbouring houses" (K. N. Blagoslov. "Protection and attraction of birds").

People have taken cats around the world. Not painlessly passed this process. Here is a fact: in the cook Strait, which separates New Zealand, there is a small island of Stephens. On this island for centuries lived "troglodyte" (Genís lalli) - flightless good-natured bird. With time here has made the lighthouse. In 1894, the lighthouse Keeper, to be with someone to pass the time, brought the cat. As experts say, it is acclimatized cat in a new environment. The fact relished the "troglodytes", and he for the year they were all eaten. The last few carcasses stored in museums, taken from this cat. While the "troglodyte" could be useful bird. We did not even really know what you have lost.

And yet we are accustomed to cats, love them. Now, when people erect between themselves and the nature of new obstacles, the messenger of the animal world, able to get along with us in a city apartment, makes us a little bit meaningful.

Of course, with reasonable kindness need to treat all living things, not just the fluffy purring that pleasure destroy bird nests. (The authorities in some American cities ordered to "cosculluela" hung on the neck of their Pets bells ringing which supposedly will warn birds of danger.)

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