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Part IV - critical,
or the story about why cats it's time to make room

Over millions of years of hunting trips cats addicted to mice. It is clear - mouse for them food No. 1 (fish, probably not food, and delicacy; Valerian also not food and drug, which is especially fond of cats some even dig out the roots of Valerian).

Addiction cats to mice and has a physiological explanation. It's prosaic element sulfur. Sulfur is full not only in the cat's skin, but also in the products of metabolism of the body, where it occurs even in the form of sulfuric acid. Sulfur-containing acids cystine, cysteine and methionine really need the cat. They stimulate growth, promote the quantity and quality of wool. Now, not to go naked, the cat eats mice, raw, with wool, adding the necessary supply of sulfur, which in the rat skin enough.

In Ancient Rome Michailovna the first function performed home Boas and snakes. But the appetite of the boa unimportant, and mouse breed incredibly quickly. And the Romans got a weasel. Small and nimble, she can chase mice even in burrows.

But Europe and then the world was full of huge gray rat the Norway rat. Weasel in the fight against this strong organized enemy turned out to be untenable.
Then cats and appeared in almost every house. At first they seem to be eagerly set to work. The time went. Weasel is wild. Feline same fervor gradually evaporated. And in our days, these sissy almost completely retreated before the rats.

They say: each person now has almost on a pair of Norway. Chemical and other clever ways of dealing with the rat does not give the desired result. Asuka can't smoke even from underground where it seems that rats eat not a lot.

Recently made several punitive measures against rats, catastrophically breeding on Islands such as Kalimantan in Indonesia. For the troops took a couple of thousands of tall, strong cats. But particularly enthusiastic reports from the battlefield are not followed. Maybe it is better to think about how in Ancient Egypt acted bravely in a strong hybrid of a cat and swamp lynx? Hunters he had replaced the dogs. Not to revive whether this breed?

Cat, where mice not much, do not hesitate chipmunks, jerboa, and even lizards. There are cats Smelova. Describes several cases, when they are sacrificing themselves, rescuing children from a snake bite. This happened when the adults were not at home and the cats had a full opportunity to escape. Particularly famous cat Miron, who travelled with geologists on the Ustyurt plateau and selfless guarding the expedition camp from poisonous creatures. He grabbed the snake by the tail, threw her in an acrobatic jump and hit the ground until such time as the serpent did not gave up the Ghost.

But this is not a rule, but rather a pleasant exception. No matter how painfully aware, more cats-vermin. In England 4 million cats in the United States 70 million dogs and cats; we have cats no one believed, but their population is also extremely costly. In the cities homeless animals muck up the children's sandbox, entrances and feed at garbage dumps. And how many cats throw, for example, summer in the winter living in the city! Conscious people condemn animal suffering!

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