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Cat-mother - itself a virtue. She selflessly nurture and protect not only their kittens, but foundlings. And throwing anyone: squirrels, bunnies, Fox cubs and even chickens. However, I do not want to talk about the maintenance of maternal feelings. It is better to talk a little bit about real koškinyh children.

Within hours of the onset of kittens born, as they are taken for food. Of course, build up an appetite kids did not, appetite awakens "enclosing" the posture of the mother: a cat falls on his side and stretched out the front and hind legs, like walls kittens of her body. At first they stay humble, do not demand the impossible - the first 20 days of feeding begins only at the initiative of the mother, when "it" milk. And for the "table" kittens behave decently: everyone has a favorite place - my nipple.

Kittens gain strength, become faster, and their funny games can amuse both children and adults. But experts on animal behavior is not fun anymore - they have no clear definition of what a game, and not only cats, but in General...

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The menagerie at the porch

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