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Some experts says that the domestic cat is a wild beast, which just agreed to live with us. Under this statement summed up the basis of: cats still retained reflexes needed for life in the wild. Even fattened cat, which is not allowed over the threshold of a city apartment, trying to live by the law of their ancestors. He has asylum (pillow or a corner of the sofa). Here he is the master. Here he has good humor, and owners can familiarizing with it: affection will be graciously accepted. Less available cat for walks. The exercise he does, one he visible paths, rather than wandering around the apartment as he got. For example, to the window or favorite the battery it goes on the same track. And finally, a fat prisoner had furnished the apartment trying to win for themselves another area - similar hunting estates. Here he is most angry.

The hunting territory of the village of cats usually begins about fifty meters from the house. But if cats are satisfied with the mini-plot with a radius of about three hundred meters, cats things invaders - they want the miles. Self-respecting cat hates people that fall in its hunting estate. It is clear - mistress, laposada kind words, it turns the enemy, spugnoir potidaea sacrifice. What is love, when the breath out hard-earned piece of meat, wrapped in mink or ever left in the nest!

Patrimony posted scent marks, and attempts to cross the border strongly suppressed. "An entry visa from abroad, you can only get in a rut, but not for hunting, and for singing heartbreaking love arias.

In General, private ownership of cats treated with respect and dignity - aliens meekly allow the owner to take over a ritual inspection and aberkane, and then removed with nothing. However, it happens that unwanted person owner will seem flimsy, which are rich ownership to anything. Then the Lord will have to wrestle with the aggressor.

The battle begins with howling rivals. Finally, one of the soloists bother to howl, and he shamelessly hits the enemy with a paw on his nose. Now the fight is inevitable. The most important thing to do is to sink my teeth into hated's neck. But the enemy is no fool: instantly falls on its side, to rend thee belly claws powerful hind legs. The neck has to issue and to adopt a defensive posture. After that, the fight is usually stopped. Find out who won, simply: lucky sniffing the ground as if in gratitude for giving him the strength and the victim goes, his entire figure expressing the greatness: inspire yourself that defeat by chance that he will yet reveal who he is.

It is not okay to beat paw on his nose, it's not good to sink my teeth into the tender nape fellow. It is painful and unhygienic. However, here the reflex in the experiments, when the layouts mice head sewn to the tail, the cats always clung to their head.

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