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Of all domestic animals, the cat is the most independence - "walking alone". It would seem that she should be grateful to the man for it. Unfortunately, her attachment to the home is often stronger love for the master. The origins of such selfishness go in hoary antiquity: wild cat was sedentary animals and alone hunted small area, as if they owned it. So now she considers herself an equal, and perhaps a main tenant.

Moving hosts into a new house quite a lot of cats are taking over the foolish thing and go back to the old place, even if they take tens of kilometers. They do not come back home in our understanding, and to your hunting area, where all studied omniano, ischosen.

Mysterious compass, bringing the animal to the house, works perfectly. Here's the proof. A few cats, born in the West German city of Kiel, planted in a rustic stable with the outputs in different directions. When the door opened, four-legged left the place of detention through those outputs, which looked at their distant homes.

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The menagerie at the porch

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