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Part first - historical,
or the story about why I feel sick at heart
Description about cats

It is clear that the soul is not scratch the cat, in which climbers climb uphill, and not the ones that get from a well sunk bucket. The soul scratching ordinary Pets. Yes there is a soul - cat is so ubiquitous that reached the clouds, where the soul is, as you know, gets only occasionally. During a thunderstorm, for example, cats are so closely connected with the clouds, that it is necessary to throw the black cat from home, and it will attract lightning. And if a black man foot of the road crossing may befall such that awful to think about. In any case, you cannot place the cat on the horse, because the horse will soon okolie. Terrible and her sneeze - he causes a toothache at present (however, from a toothache can be eliminated, if the time to politely tell the cat "Hello"). However, cat sneeze capable of good works: if you hear the bride on the wedding day, she provided a serene family life.

Everywhere were their beliefs. Is, for example, to transport a cat from country to country, as its properties will change. If Russia's encounter with a black cat boded evil, in England, on the contrary, it meant good luck. There black cats were very careful to release the courtyard is suddenly stolen sort of happiness. The ability to bring happiness to have been endowed with modest and cat tails. Tail the tail is the same. For example, the tail of a black cat treats barley on the eye - you should apply it to the eyelid. And for the treatment of warts is not suitable here right tail tri-color cats.

However, there are other opinions. For example, Huckleberry Finn (colloquially Huck Finn, the son of the drunkard from the provincial American St. Petersburg, he was sure that victory over the warts can be won only with the help of a dead cat and a special ritual. How? "And that's it. Take your cat and go with her to the cemetery shortly before midnight to the fresh grave where buried some bad people, and here at midnight will be hell, and maybe two or three, but you will not see them, only hear their conversation. And when they drag the dead, you throw them after the cat and say "to Hell with the dead cat for the devil, warts over the cat - here's the end of it, all three of them down with me!" From this all the wart will go down."

In the past about these and other miraculous qualities of cats talked seriously. Mewing create participated in magical rites, their meat enchanting love and chased down. But the results, using scientific terminology were not sufficiently reproducible or, to put it simply, sad. No wonder that in our enlightened time, the treated barley yellow mercury ointment, itially compresses, and registry offices that are not visible prostuzhennyh cats.

Overseas some energetic Americans even joined the club of combating prejudice. The organizational meeting was held on the 13th in room number 13 on the 13th floor. The meeting was held under the tinkle of breaking mirrors, speakers during his speech, spilled salt, and the owner of the premises was surrounded by 13 black cats.

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