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Part three - environmental, or story
why dogs don't understand cats

Among the numerous works of Darwin has a very curious book: "About the expression of feelings in man and animals". As it is not written about why ashamed people, and birds from fear fade, and how surprised monkeys, mad dogs and happy cats.

Darwin was probably the first researcher who with ethological positions wanted to find out the root cause of strained relations between our furry neighbors, dogs and cats. For this, he carefully studied the language of animals - language postures and movements.

Take the tail is an important tool in the conversation of animals. Alas, our four-legged neighbors to reach an understanding with the hard tail. Who has not seen that, for fear of the dog running out the tail. (Sometimes about a cowardly man say that he lives, "his tail between his legs".) In anger the dog holds the tail the carrots. If the tail is hopping, so she is immensely happy. With the cat's tail things contrary: "tail pipe" talks about complacency and wagging it when its angry owner. And up until the conversation tails between dogs and cats will be without interpreters, information will not cease to be distorted, and friction cannot be avoided.

And all other dogs and cats understand each other - otherwise they would not take place in friendship. And not in vain in the Golden Fund of world literature immortalized sensible cat who understands what's what. Cat tales from L. Carroll "Alice's adventures in Wonderland". Fabulous cat casually spoke about purring, the physiological basis of which is not explained neither invented, nor in the real world.

"- Take a normal dog, not mad. Agree?

"Of course, " said Alice.

"So, " continued the cat,a dog growls when angry, and wags its tail when it is happy. It is, as we agreed, normal. And I? I growl when I'm pleased, and wag my tail when angry. Conclusion: I'm crazy.

- Do you nag? I believe it is called purr, " said Alice.

- Let's called whatever you like,said the cat."

I don't know, like mad, and normal dogs, even those that growth does not come out, love to chase cats. But the cat really rasherotica (this often happens, if she had nowhere to escape), as a dog's heat evaporates on the eyes. To withstand the terrible fight with the cat can only heroic dog: most dogs retreated, trying to maintain dignity.

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