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Show your baby developing cards! Training cards with images of animals, plants, household items, you can begin to show the baby after year. On each card shows only one object. It is important not to distract the attention of the baby excess of information. Don't forget to tell the child that the object depicted on the card.

Considering baby cards, kids quickly and permanently remember showing them information. Later you are surprised to find that kid, barely learned to speak, already knows many items that have never seen live, but seeing, be sure to know.

Cards, presents in this collection can be used for older kids who are already learning to read, to explore letters and syllables.

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Attention! These cards are NOT to teach reading to Children. For this technique on them a lot of extra information about the letters of the alphabet and syllables. You can edit the cards and their size in a graphics editor, if you want to use for training methods Doman.


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