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Go on an exciting voyage under sausage sails and cheese flag. And don't be afraid of a long journey, because in a way you will always be able to eat a hearty sandwiches. Amaze your parents ' abilities to shipbuilding and cooking!

You will need:

black bread (loaf of bread), cheese, smoked or smoked sausage, toothpicks).

Make delicious sandwiches-boats Make delicious sandwiches-boats
A quarter of a loaf of bread, cut slices with a thickness of 1 see Carefully use a knife or ask adults to help you. Each piece cut obliquely so as to obtain some bread triangles.
Make delicious sandwiches-boats Make delicious sandwiches-boats
Thin slices cut the cheese. Impose the bread triangles on the pieces of cheese and cut the cheese in their form. Slice sausage bend in half and brocoli toothpick. Spread sausage sail and stick a toothpick in the triangle of bread and cheese. Top nacole box of cheese or sausage.


Original sandwiches - boats

Fun ideas, No. 2 (2009)

Little young

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2013-12-20 14:06:13
ships super, as the website too. yum-yum!
cheers I first
2013-02-27 13:36:09
Super we do
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