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According to Japanese experts, blood group to a greater extent than the notorious horoscope, determines the nature and the individual characteristics of each person. This is confirmed by the studies of the Japanese scientist Yoshitake Nomi, who have tested more than one million residents of the Country of the rising sun. We check? So, if you have:

group 1. You aspire to be a leader. Setting a goal will fight for it till the end. Know how to choose the direction to move forward. Believe in your strength, not devoid of emotion. However, you have a weakness: you are very jealous and fussy, and also painfully ambitious.

group 2. You love harmony, peace and order, good relationships with other people. Different sensitivity, patience and goodwill. But you're stubborn and unable to relax.

group 3. You pronounced individuality, preferring to do as you like. Easily adapt to everything, flexible, do not suffer from lack of imagination. However, your excessive desire for independence can play bad service.

group 4. You are calm, balanced, tactful and fair. Usually people love you, they feel good around you, you know how to entertain them. But sometimes very sharp, and in addition, are indecision and struggle to make decisions.

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