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Corvus monedula
(Squad Passeriformes, Family Corvidae Family, Genus Raven)


Jackdaws - birds with black plumage of the body and silvery-gray neck. Sex differences, like most other corvids, are expressed not in color and in sizes: females less than males. The average body length daws ranges from 34 to 39 inches.

The voice of daws - ringing "cow" or "she".

Jackdaws often choose to stay big cities, as they prefer to nest in various urban structures: under the roofs of tall buildings, water towers and pipes, for billboards. Although the lack of options they use for their nests and tree hollows.

Eat jackdaws various invertebrates, rodents, Rob the nests of small birds, eat all the meat, but not bresult and plant food. Jackdaws are able to attack the orchards and gardens, in the spring of destroying the shoots of beans and peas, and summer - fruits of cherry and plum. Jackdaw destroys harmful insects, snails, and rodents and the benefits that it brings, covers, and sometimes even outweigh the harm.


Nests daws are usually not single. Jackdaws prefer to settle several families in one place. Thus, sometimes a dozen nests are quite close to each other. And jackdaws build housing capital, because it is used not once, but several years in a row. On the construction and repair of the old nest to the new season for equal work for both males and females. The jackdaws couples are formed for life.

In our latitudes, bluish-green speckled eggs appear in the nests of crows in April. Usually, the female lays from four to six pieces. And after mid-may the eggs hatch the babies, departing from the nests by the end of June.

After the departure of Chicks jackdaws moving to a nomadic way of life, gathering in large flocks, often jointly with other members of the Corvidae family - rooks. They both have the same diet, eating mostly insects, including pests of agricultural crops. So during the day rooks-galacia flocks usually migrate to feed in the surrounding fields, coming back into town for the night.

Jackdaws have an excellent memory. They may, for example, not only for many years to raise the alarming cry at the sight of a particular person, destroyed once their nest, and to teach the next generation of galcit.

These birds are easily domesticated and can reproduce human speech.

The voice of daws:


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