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Luscinia luscinia
(A Detachment Of The Passerine Family Mukholovkoi, Genus Nightingales)

Nightingale ordinary

Nightingale ordinary - famous romantic singer spring and summer evenings. His clean singing whistle knee interspersed with the famous clicking, rokotajiem and other typical sounds.

All his feathers painted in the drab brown color, which on the abdomen is lighter and goes white. Large dark eyes give solonoski a special charm.

Nightingale winters in East Africa. Spring nightingales arrive home at a time when the trees and shrubs begin to dress leaves. Returning from warm lands, Nightingale prefers dense willow and lilac bushes, parks inhabits bushes near the water and thickets of young animals on the edges. Leads a secretive life and rarely catches the eye, avoiding the man. Holding in the thick bushes, often comes down to earth. If you look closely, you can see a singing male among bushes and coastal trees. He sits on a branch, raising up his head with inflated throat.

Arrives in the second half of may or early June. The first to appear in males that move their trills. By mid-may they be singing more in full force, and by early July, gradually cease. Nightingale usually sings both day and night. Night singing of the Nightingale gives students a much greater impression. In order to listen night concert of the singer, many of the special leave of the evening sometimes on walks in the woods.

The singing of the Nightingale called wonderful, however, not all males deserve such assessments. Among them there are the true masters of the vocals, but sometimes (and quite often) very weak performers. The fact that high singing skill is not innate property of males: young birds acquire it only if their fathers or neighbors are able to teach them this.

Nightingale ordinary

Settle nightingales in pairs, sometimes not far from one another. Cupped nest is built right on the ground, rarely on the bushes at a height of up to 1.5 meters of Their construction during the week engaged in the female. At the end of may, the female lays 4-6 slightly shiny or matte eggs olive or brown color; laying the last egg, it begins to incubation, which lasts about two weeks. Male female cases does not participate, and all this time entertains female of their songs. But once in the nest have Chicks, father-Nightingale silent, so as not to attract to nest undue attention of enemies.

Hatched in mid-June, juveniles, both parents within 12 days.

Left the nest fledglings first time don't fly. They stay close to the nest, and another week they finish feeding parents. In early August, broken broods move closer to the bushland on the slopes of ravines and forest edges. In late August, September migrate to wintering.

Eat nightingales terrestrial insects, primarily ants and beetles, bugs, caterpillars scoop and other butterflies (including hazardous), as well as spiders, centipedes, snails.

Soloviev as the outstanding singers from time immemorial kept in cages. There are lovers, specializing only on fishing and the content of these birds. In a cage of nightingales live well and long, although different timidity towards humans. The Nightingale singing makes them desirable inhabitants of the urban areas.

The voice of the Nightingale common:


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