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Garrulus glandarius
(Squad Passeriformes, Family Corvidae)


Jay - a kind of "forest police": it is always on the alert, giving the sign for forest dwellers her raspy voice on the appearance of a man much earlier than people will see her.

The Jay easy to learn overall reddish coloration of the upper and lower part of the trunk, bright blue with a black bezel spots at the bend of the wing (the mirrors), black moustache, black tips of the wings and tail and a whitish, red or black head, which when alarm visible crest.

Spread this bird almost throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor, the Caucasus, Northern Iran, southern half of Siberia, Sakhalin, Korea, Manchuria, in Northern Mongolia, China and Japan.

Jay is a typical inhabitant of the forest, settling in all its types, preferring the old trees. It can be found in coppices and extensive parks.

Already in April, the partners begin to build the nest, arranging it on a deciduous or coniferous tree. In the spruce forests of the nest is always close to the edge. It is very small and seems to be unreliable: an outer layer formed of twigs, and the interior of grass and rootlets. In the nest usually appears 5-8 eggs, incubated by both parents. They are very worried and are closely watching what is happening around them, often leaving the nest. At the age of three weeks, the Chicks become so independent that leave the nest. They travel with their parents.

Jay feeds on plant and animal food. Vicaria juveniles, parents bring them voles and small birds.


Jay is one of the most dangerous enemies of small birds. It ruins the nest, drinks and steals eggs, Chicks takes. But her diet is plant food: acorns, beech and wild nuts and berries.

In the fall you can often find a Jay in the oak forest. There she observed it's not a coincidence: the blue Jay is a great hunter before the acorns. She not only ate them, but stores for the winter. Gain full mouth, and then flies to the ground and put your burdens at the crack under the root of the tree, a crack or other secluded place. Will rasset Jay acorns in different places, and sometimes forgets where he hid. In winter, when the earth will cover the deep snow, such reserves are willing to use not only their winged hosts, but also the beasts of the forest mice and squirrels . One good turn deserves another: very often in the winter jays find squirrel pantries. Not one pantry getting robbed during the winter jays. The Jay - profit, protein - loss.

It is considered that the jays are only able to shout, making this not very pleasant sounds: "jee - jee". Their song is a set of sharp sounds and imitations of other bird species. But sometimes, when these birds do not feel near danger, they can arrange the unexpected forest show, during which they sing quietly and very beautiful. And Jay are easily trained to imitate any sounds from the human voice to knock the axe.

The voice of the jays:


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2014-04-16 22:33:08
jays (pair) build a nest in front of our window on the 4th floor 3rd day the female sits on the nest while the male feeds her))))so cool!
2014-04-06 12:04:47
I really enjoyed reading about Jay is very interesting!!!
2013-12-20 23:09:56
I liked it, I didn't know what is written here! it was very interesting to read.
2013-12-20 23:08:32
Dima! what about the food? almost all birds eat the same, so what about this everywhere to write?!!
2013-03-29 12:15:11
Vigna. there is no information about nutrition.
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