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Pyrrhula pyrrhula
(Squad Passerine, the Suborder of the Singers, a Family of Finches, Subfamily True finches)


Bullfinch - krasnogruda handsome, decoration boundless Russian white spaces. However handsome only males. The crown, wings and tail are black. The back of the neck and back are light gray. Uppertail and undertail are white. The lower part of the body cinnabar-red. The female red replaced by brownish-gray.

Finch is distributed almost all over Europe, except for the most Northern and the most southern areas, and Asia North of the Himalayas to Japan. In areas of temperate climate bullfinches live in the same place or fly close to breeding. Northern bullfinches for the winter moved far to the South. To settle bullfinches prefer among mixed breeds with rich thickets, mountains and coniferous forests. Often bullfinch enough dense vegetation and shrubs along streams.

This bird is always there for us. Bullfinches are usually kept in small flocks on 7-10 birds in each. The stronger the frost, the quieter setting the flock, occasionally moving to pick berries, to break the kidney, and then again to sit motionless for some time. And so the whole day. With the approach of darkness, the whole flock flies off into the bushes or the trees to spend the night, hidden in the branches.

Bullfinch - trusting and sociable bird. If anyone from the flock fell into the trap, the others rush to help.

In April bullfinches start to build the nest, which is placed on the branches of the trees just above the ground. The female weaves it from twigs of deciduous and coniferous trees, then lined with a layer of fine roots, lichens and wool. Soon in the new nest hatch first Chicks. Thrifty parents feed them alternately seeds and insects.

Thick beak he razgryzet seeds of berries or small nuts. Finch feeds on the buds and seeds of trees and shrubs, berries, from which he selects the seeds, pulp and throws. After tasting Rowan, bullfinch cleans bill: stick to it the seeds of ash. While cleaning bill they fall to the ground and germinate in the spring.

This little ugly bird, continually singing "Ju-Ju-Ju", can be recognized by its characteristic singing.

BullfinchFemale Finch
Bullfinches: male and female

But Finch is not only the beauty and pride of our forests is also gallant, who can learn many birds.

The best of the bunch Rowan Finch, whether it three times hungry, still be inferior to the female. Clothed upon these birds tree, then fly over to another, then migrate to the South. And only with the first snow they will again appear in the city, no wonder the "snow" and "Finch" - cognates.

The voice of the Finch:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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It is very interesting to observe the birds. Females Finch is very aggressive and constantly chase males and each other at the feeders.
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