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Dendrocopos major
(Squad Piciformes, Family Datlowe)

Great spotted woodpecker

Great spotted woodpecker - the chief doctor of our forests. Where and how to find it - I know everything and sits above it all, and brighter all. Red hat, white coat, black pants, a yellow jacket than not handsome?! Sitting on the trunk of this kind of bird, not as all - "the soldier". Engage with sharp claws, podobratsya firm and elastic tail and ludic beak cones and bark extracts of pests.

In search of food, the great spotted woodpecker moves up the trunk in a spiral, staying high above the ground. If it is frightened, he hides behind a tree trunk and occasionally glances at the stranger.

But the beak of a woodpecker is also a musical instrument. It is spring knock on dry bitch - and will cut the silence drum roll: "Tra-TA-TA".

Fly woodpeckers well and quickly, however, prefer to climb the tree, using their wings to fly to the next tree.

Great spotted woodpecker

From the beginning of spring may woodpeckers drumming on the branches with the appropriate resonance. The fraction consists of 12-18 beats, the tempo increases, and after 2-3 minutes it repeats itself. The fraction is used to secure a territory and attract females. In April of drumming reach climax. Some woodpeckers living in the suburbs, discover the charm of use as a resonator roofing tin and drumming on the gutters and other metal parts. When a woodpecker drumming, he knocks vertically on his "drum", while in search of food he performs the bumps on the side to get insects and their larvae

These birds nest in hollows, which hollow out themselves. But not for long it will last in this nest were the woodpecker family. At first, until the Chicks are small, female woodpecker cares about the children, hoping for their help in the future, not forgetting the father of a family to feed.

But a little later will chase grown juveniles and waving wing of his beloved - so they have the freedom-loving disposition, drummers.

The voice of the great spotted woodpecker:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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Wonderful site. Thank you very much. I come from the forest and immediately try to determine whose voice is heard!
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